We are who we are in the world that we did not choose.
Until we discover fiction books.
                            Aleksandar Miljkovic



When I was a kid I used to have just a few toys but every toy had a story behind it, that I have created. I would develop different stories and unforgettable adventures for them, every single day and I will go on it along with them. It was my escape from the real world, to some other world that was way more unique and mystic. Now, many years later, through my books, I would like to take the readers to experience some of those stories themselves.

The Nobodies

How can anyone determine if someone is a hero or a villain? Most people believe it’s through their actions. But what if someone’s actions seem cruel now, but they’re being done to bring about a “better tomorrow”?


Connor Jones has spent the last thirty years of his life leading a secret organization called The Nobodies. They hire a select group of regular people with no police record to murder those whom The Nobodies deem to be the most dangerous people in the world, paying them huge amounts of money to do so and thereby making the murders almost impossible to solve. Despite the fact they are killing people, The Nobodies think they are saving many human lives and maintaining the balance on this planet.


However, everything changes when Connor begins to think the group is getting too big, and he starts to target some of the assassins themselves. He comes to believe that, good or bad, all humans are the biggest enemy this world has ever faced, and Connor decides the only way to save this planet is to become its greatest villain.​

The Redhead

In the past ten years, Greta Morel and the nineteen other women went missing in Vancouver. The case has never been created or taken seriously by the police department as there was never any evidence that these women had been abducted. Each time one of them went missing, the letter was found behind by their families, explaining valid reasons why they have abandoned them.


When the horrific truth about this non-existent case gets passed on to Chief of Police Cliff Mason by an old friend, he is forced to work on it with Buster, a devious celebrity detective from Miami whose fraudulent career has been built on lies.


There are no leads, no witnesses, no connection between all of the allegedly missing women. 


Except for one particular thing that they all have in common; they are all natural redheads.