Which superpower would you choose?


That's not a superpower, what can you do with inspiration?


                        Aleksandar Miljkovic




When Shane gambles out his entire life

in a Poker game,

abandoned by his family and living on the streets,

he learns that rock bottom

is not the end of his fall.

With every rising dawn,

he falls deeper into the abyss

until destiny shuffles its own deck of cards

and his path crosses with the dog named Street.

However, Street is running out of time

to help Shane get back on his feet,

as he battles the deadly heart disease.




Each year, precisely two naturally red-haired women disappear in Vancouver. Greta Morel was the first victim ten years ago, followed by another nineteen women until today. The mysterious people responsible for their disappearance left no trace while staging every abduction to look like each woman willingly left everything behind.

The lack of evidence of the potential crime had the Vancouver Police prioritizing the other cases.

However, when a piece of information regarding all the missing women gets passed on to Cliff Mason, an old-fashioned Chief of Police is forced to work on it with Buster McRoy, a devious Miami Detective whose celebrity career is built on lies.

But all hope shatters like a glass vase as yet another redhead gets abducted in front of their noses.

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(First Edition The Nobodies)

How can anyone determine if someone is a hero or a villain? Most people believe it’s through their actions. But what if someone’s actions seem cruel now, but they’re being done to bring about a “better tomorrow”?


Connor Jones has spent the last thirty years of his life leading a secret organization called The Nobodies. They hire a select group of regular people with no police record to murder those whom The Nobodies deem to be the most dangerous people in the world, paying them huge amounts of money to do so and thereby making the murders almost impossible to solve. Despite the fact they are killing people, The Nobodies think they are saving many human lives and maintaining the balance on this planet.


However, everything changes when Connor begins to think the group is getting too big, and he starts to target some of the assassins themselves. He comes to believe that, good or bad, all humans are the biggest enemy this world has ever faced, and Connor decides the only way to save this planet is to become its greatest villain.

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